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London 35mm

Here are the highlights from the roll of film I used when venturing around London.


During this shoot, I spent two weeks travelling around Italy. Here is the trip documented through my eyes.


In this series, I use stitch techniques to emphasise emotional and physical attachments within each photograph – some I’ve taken…

Attached Zine

For my final project of my A Level I explored emotional and sentimental attachments through people and place using a…

Bronica home

Here I investigate sentimental attachments in people and place with a medium format film camera.


Become immersed in the rich, vibrant culture of this stunning city as I discover connections between the people and their…

On the move

Here I illustrate ‘real time’ concepts by capturing frames moments apart to create a sequential narrative.

Churchyard Zine

During the production of this zine I pulled from inspired sequencing techniques published by the likes of John Gossage to…


During this shoot, I explore themes of memory and the relationship between humans and landscape to depict how this place…


Here I document nightlife in Cornwall, presenting stark and inconspicuous themes when capturing this secluded area. This is juxtaposed by the…