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Paris Part 2

The last day of my travels were spent capturing the scenery around the 3rd arrondissement. I loved the various authentic…


Exploring Old Town Prague and capturing its Gothic architecture was unmatched to any other city I’d experienced.


Berlin offers brutalist architecture, eclectic flea markets, and vivid murals that makes me eager to go back and explore every…


My favourite thing about this city was harnessing its canals to create reflections that compose dynamic images paired with vivid…

Paris Part 1

During the first leg of my inter-railing trip, this collection depicts the iconic scenes Paris has to offer as I…

London 35mm

Here are the highlights from the roll of film I used when venturing around London.


During this shoot, I spent two weeks travelling around Italy. Here is the trip documented through my eyes.

Bronica home

Here I investigate sentimental attachments in people and place with a medium format film camera.

Holga Barcelona

Here I experiment with a Holga camera. It’s mechanism involves adjusting and playing with how much you advance the film…


Become immersed in the rich, vibrant culture of this stunning city as I discover connections between the people and their…